Lets get Naked


I don't know if it has anything to do with getting older, but I think it does. I find myself downsizing, getting rid of anything that isn't useful, even down to the makeup I wear. It's been happening now for a while. First out went all the eye shadows, the lip pencil, the blush, and the heavier foundations.

Very rarely do I wear jewelry. For some reason I can't stand the feel of anything but the necessities touching my skin, encompassing my fingers, dangling from my ears. Even my signature bracelets now make their home in my drawer much more than on my wrist. And don't even get me started on the bras!!! 

I've worn my reading glasses on the top of my head for years. Now, that's beginning to drive me crazy. My best friend, Virginia, remarked recently that even applying a layer of body lotion made her feel that she needed to go up a dress size! I completely get that. 

Less is more has truly become my motto. I've quit buying things on a whim. Everything I own now seems to have a multi-purpose. I use coconut oil on my skin. It serves as a moisturizer for both face and body, make-up remover and it soothes my lips before bedtime.

The green scouring pads that I bought for my pots and pans now serve as my pumice stone. They work better than anything I have ever bought for the sole purpose of sanding down the bottoms of my feet. They are amazing.

A little baking soda and lemon juice does an amazing job at giving me a brighter smile when needed. I no longer go down the aisle at CVS and search for Pearl Drops or Crest White strips. Same goes for fancy facial creams or hair conditioners. Coconut oil, honey, avocados, lemons and essential oils work better than anything I've ever purchased in the cosmetics department. It's wonderful, everything I need is actually right here in my kitchen somewhere. 

And what is really amazing is how we've bought into the notion that we need a different product for every little purpose. Double duty, repurposing, whatever you want to call it makes sense. For the environment, for our pocketbooks (does anyone call them pocketbooks anymore?) and for simplifying our lives.