Make today awesome


It’s easy to fall back in love with your partner when they're diagnosed with cancer. Not because of sympathy or guilt, but because of actual kindness. You both become kinder - gentler- more aware of the fragility of each day, the blessing that you feel when you both wake up, together.

He told me the other morning as he rubbed his hand against my bare back how nice my skin was. That it was so soft. I don’t remember the last time he mentioned that.

He told me the other morning how he liked to watch the way I held back the foam in the milk steamer with the spoon as i poured the hot milk into the coffee cup turning the black to a caramel brown. I don’t remember him ever mentioning that before.

Those little things. A perfectly ripe avocado, a baby’s belly laugh, a friend offering up her assistance, a bowl of chicken soup, a favorite blanket to wrap up in to fend off the morning chill. The little things that end up being the big things that mean so much.

I am now more aware of how fortunate I am, in so many areas of my life. This morning as I turned on the running water to brush my teeth it hit me how unbelievably blessed I am (we are) to have water at our immediate disposal. These things that we take for granted are things that are truly miraculous. Most of us don’t give a second thought to having access to water, both hot and cold, to shower in, bathe in, to wash our clothes and dishes in, to cook with and to drink. But these little conveniences are far from little.

I always find it interesting how people need a new year to make new resolutions, thinking that the date on the calendar will make a difference in the way they’ll live their life. I guess it’s because when all things are new there is hope and a sense of completely starting a new journey, square one. There are no mistakes made yet, no regrets, nothing to complain about. We get to begin again. The old year is like an etch-a-sketch drawing. So many squiggles, lines, up and down, side-to-side, you can’t fit another swoop or circle on the page without creating a total mess. So now you get to shake it up, clean the slate and start over.

My point is, we don’t need a new year to live differently, to appreciate life and all we have, to start over. We can start new right now, this day, don't waste another minute.