Teaching a workshop in Woodland Hills

List of Feng Shui Services


Consultations provide you with the needed information to create positive changes for the occupants of your home or business. Consultations can be used for overall improvement in one’s life or to define specific goals such as improving your health, increasing business or wealth, attracting a romantic partner or most any other area of your life that you would like to enhance. All consultations are completely confidential. Consultations can be done onsite or virtually.

Included in the consultation:

•  Client interview

•  Site survey & analysis

•  Written report

•  Phone follow-up

Client provides floor/house plan. Payment is due at time of consultation and must be placed in a red envelope. If onsite consultation, travel time is applied to those outside of a 60 mile radius.

Residential~ Maximize the flow of energy (chi) in your home to enhance all areas of your life. Whether it be health, relationships, wealth, fame, career, etc., using the principles of Feng Shui can activate and create new energy and possibilities.

Commercial ~Optimize productivity, energy, and morale by employing basic Feng Shui principles in your workplace. See how changes, such as the proper placement of desks, cubicles, and people, can create a more beneficial working environment.

New construction/remodel Can include: site/house orientation, color & material choices, auspicious room placement, landscape.

Pre-purchase Evaluation Before buying or renting a home or office - be aware of the Feng Shui of the building/land you will be living/working with.

Phone consultations When time or distance makes on-site consultation impractical. Effective and less costly, plus, you have the convenience of anytime,  anywhere, and can even stay in your pajamas!

Hourly  Just have a few questions you'd like answered? I'm available by phone, Skype or email, to help you with those important Feng Shui decisions. $85/hr


You can host your own Feng Shui Workshop if you live in the Santa Barbara, CA, area. The basic “Intro to Feng Shui” lasts approximately 4 hours (must have a 5 guest minimum).

Other advanced workshop topics include Feng Shui & Health, Feng Shui & Wealth, Feng Shui & business, etc. Same price and same guest minimum. Must have taken Intro to Feng Shui (or have basic understanding of Feng Shui principles and be familiar with the Black Sect Baqua) before taking these more advanced workshops.

Blessing Ceremonies/Space Clearing:

Blessing ceremonies can be performed upon moving into a new home or business, at a groundbreaking, after a spell of bad luck, or to create new and auspicious chi for a home or site. Blessings are usually completed within the hour. 

Personal Consultations:

One on one consulting on a specific life area where Feng Shui adjustments are needed.

Feng Shui Re-Design/Decorating:

Transform your living space with existing furnishings and accessories –an affordable alternative to traditional interior design. Incorporate Feng Shui principles, proper furniture placement, color, and balance to create dramatic and exciting results.

Call or email for more information or to schedule a consultation:

Kim Klein 707.815.0913 kimberjklein@gmail.com