Your Next Chapter

  I hate where I live. I don't deserve to be loved. My life is boring. I can't lose weight. I’ll never get a decent job. I'm not good enough.

Certain things we say to ourselves and accept as the absolute truth. We carry these beliefs or attitudes with us into each new day and they become a part of our make-up.

We have heard these things enough (whether we've said them to ourselves or they’ve been said to us by others) to not question them anymore. But we should question them. We should question everything. This is our life, our very own, and it is our choice how we want to live it and who we want to be.  
Have you ever wanted to write a book? Well, you already are. You are the author of your life. Like a book, where some chapters are extraordinary and others leave something to be desired, if you don’t like how your story is unfolding, you have the power to change  and write a remarkable next chapter. What parts of your life would you like to change? What things do you want to do? What really matters to you?
Many of us spend much of our time dwelling on the past, what we did wrong or how we were wronged. Instead of looking at our past with kindness, knowing that every day is a learning experience, we beat ourselves up for bad choices we’ve made and certain actions that we’ve taken, always entertaining the “why’s and what if’s.” Our power comes with the control we have over today.

Look at your life up to this point. Who are you as a person? What do you value? What do you want to do with the rest of your life? When someone tells your story, how would you like it to read? Now is the time to do some more character development and start a new chapter.

But how? If you find yourself using your past as an excuse for why you can’t get ahead in life, you need to make peace with it. Love that person (you) and all he/she has been through. Be gentle, be a best friend. Give him/her a little motherly bird push. Forgive. Now move on. (Yes, I know I’ve simplified this, but you can actually go back and rewrite your past. If you're interested and not sure how to start, contact me for information.)

Give yourself a powerful voice. Don’t be afraid to be heard. If you don’t speak your truth you won’t be able to communicate the essence of your soul, which is who you really are. And if you are speaking with a voice that isn’t your own, you will always feel less than, unauthentic and have a disconnect with your own self. Your voice is your power and knowing your own voice gives you strength of character.

In your story, surround yourself with notable characters. Just like in a great novel, fill your pages with people who make you feel more alive. People who help you grow, inspire, motivate and cause you to think and look at things in new ways. Look at the people you now surround yourself with. Are they happy, optimistic, enthusiastic, adventurous, supportive, fun? Make sure the people in your life are the types of characters that you want in your story.

There are lots of ways to take control and live the life that you truly want to live. In my practice as a Wellness Coach and Feng Shui Practitioner, I help my clients reach their full potential by examining all the different life areas, setting goals and designing a personalized roadmap for them to get there. The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of life you want to live.

So, don’t forget ~ you are the author and main character of this book ~ make it a best seller.